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With TimeGold 4.2, reports are now pruduced from Seagate Crystal ReportsTM. This novelty brings you a new dimension for customization of reports and invoices. Creating new reports and/or modifying existing reports and invoices is now easier and faster.

For TimeGold users already using Seagate Crystal Reports TM, it will now be possible for them to customize themselves invoices and reports and to even create new reports suiting better their needs from elements of TimeGold's database.

For TimeGold users who do not have Seagate Crystal Reports TM and does'nt want to buy it, we are offering to modify for you TimeGold's standard reports and invoices in order to adapt them to your needs if necessary. This customization will be done for you by our team following your specifications for a pre-establish fee corresponding to the work to be done.

Here is the list of all standard invoicing and reports that TimeGold will produce. Click on the reports you want to see. For viewing the examples below you will need the Adobe® Acrobat Reader® . If you don't have Acrobat Reader you may download the free software from Adobe's WEB site.

Get Acrobat Reader 3.0

These "PDF" files will show you the exact image of the reports and Acrobat Reader will let you print them on your printer.

All examples (32 pages)
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Hourly rate Invoice
Flat rate Invoice
Products and services invoice
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Time sheet reports

Expense reports

Invoicing Reports

Receivables Reports

Cost of file Reports

Work in Progress

Employee's Productivity, by job stage

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Account Statement
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Account Statement Example
Report- Account statement
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