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Single User Version - $99.99 cdn
Checking billable hours
prior to invoicing
is boring and time-consuming.
Use TimeGold and spend your time
on more rewarding pursuits.
TimeGold rides herd
on your time sheets.
Not one hour will be misplaced.
An hour forgotten
is an hour lost and not invoiced
Single User Version - $99.99 cdn
Do away with forgotten expenses,
Enter them into TimeGold
as they occur
and TimeGold will take charge
of invoicing your clients.
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Creation of time sheets with TimeGold is a quick and simple operation. From your time sheet entry form you'll have access to the list of files, list of job stages and to an integrated calendar, all for your convenience and fast entries.

Further, TimeGold network version allows employees to enter time sheet data at any time from their workstations. Access to sensitive data is safeguarded by individual security codes.

Time sheet mode is integrated with invoicing and reporting modes to enable automatic hourly rate invoicing and project cost reporting.

When a contract stipulates that certain expenses will be billed to the client, they can be entered into TimeGold's Expenses Module, which is connected to the invoicing Module. Thus clients can be automatically invoiced for expenses such as automobile travel, long distance calls, photocopies etc...

User can add many expenses types as necessary. When entering expenses, you have the option of including or omitting applicable taxes.

TimeGold is designed to grow at the same pace as your firm and adapt to your growing needs.
  • There is no limit to the number of employees you can enter in the employees register.
  • There is no limit to the number of client files.
  • There is no limit to the number of expense and job stages you wish to have
  • Databases expand with time and business growth. TimeGold's search utilities help you track invoices, files and employee records to minimize losses due to overlooked items.

TimeGold is fully bilingual (english and french) software. This feature has several advantages.

  • Invoicing in the client's language if desired.
  • TimeGold's working language can be changed each time you log on.
  • In a network environment, some workstations can be set up in english and others in french.

TimeGold features three (3) invoicing modes :

  • Hourly rate invoicing. TimeGold's seamless integration between invoicing and time sheet reporting makes hourly based invoicing surprisingly easy.
  • Fixed fee invoicing. Use the fixed fee mode where the contract calls for a fixed fee.
  • Products and services invoicing. Use this mode to invoice for products and services supplied over and above project fees.

These three invoicing modes draw on the Register database. They track each file to include all related data and calculate billing automatically to simplify the task and avoid costly omissions.

TimeGold also features :

  • Automatic tax accounting with optional tax billing as needed.
  • An option to define as many as four (4) hourly billing rates, depending on client specifications.
  • An option to integrate your corporate logo into your invoices.

TimeGold permits exhaustive management of accounts receivable. Once payments received are entered, it is possible to generate reports on payments received for a given period, sorted by file number or invoice number.

Paid invoices are grouped and readily accessible so they can be quickly checked and corrected if necessary.

To remind delinquent clients, another TimeGold feature is the printing of account statements. User can generate a report on statements submitted for follow-up.

TimeGold's reports are arranged in sets based on functionality to allow an overview of your firm's projects.

Whether you seek information on hours worked, expenses incurred or to monitor invoicing, you will find these reports effective management tools.

To see examples of reports or Invoicing go to the Reports and Invoicing examples page.

Here is the list of reports that you can select from :

Time sheet reports
  • Sorted by time sheet number
  • Sorted by employee number
  • In chronological order

Invoicing Reports

  • Submitted invoices (per manager)
  • Cancelled invoices (per manager)
  • Time to charge

Receivables reports

  • Payments received (per manager)
  • Account statement

Work in Progress

  • Complete (per manager)
  • Billable hours
  • Non-billable hours
  • Billable and Non-billable hours
  • Billed hours

Cost of file reports

  • Time: per file, per employee
  • Time: per file, per job stage

Expense Reports

  • Billable expenses
  • Non-billable expenses
  • Summary per file, per type of expense
  • Detailed per file, per type of expense
  • Summary per employee, per type of expense
  • Detailed per employee, per type of expense

Copies of the File's Register and the employee's Register are also available.


One of the main aims of TimeGold's designers was to offer an easy to use and easy to learn interface to compress the learning curve and put TimeGold to work for you as quickly as possible.

Calendar pop-up

TimeGold features an integrated calendar. When a date is required, you can access the calendar to select a date, which is then entered automatically.

Exemple de calendrier


An integrated Help mode is constantly available. It describes the process step by step. Each entry screen in TimeGold has a "Help" mouse button for instant access to that screen's Help data. You can thus avoid having to scroll through all the Help files. (See the Help On-line web pages)


An on-screen previewing feature allows you to preview reports and invoices (allowing corrections or modifications) before permanent storage and/or printing.


When your company begins to grow, TimeGold network version will give you a hand. All employees will be able to enter their time directly from their workstations, eliminating the need to designate a specific person for that task and use this employee in a more productive way.

With all worked hours entered into TimeGold during the day by your employees, it is now possible for you to obtain reports at any time of the day.

Search engines are integrated into TimeGold various modules to let you perform fast research by using keywords to get information regarding your files.

Utilitaire de recherche

When entering a new employee, a security code is attributed by the software administrator to this employee.

Depending of the security level given, you will restrict access to confidential informations such as invoices, reports, employee's files, etc...

With version 4.1 it is now child's play to make a backup of all TimeGold data (on diskettes or on network hard disk).

Simply follow on screen instructions. Restoring the data to TimeGold will also be simple by following on screen instructions.